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This site is about the scientific approach to improving health and performance in sport. The increasing use of wearable sensors provides a growing source of data that is ripe for the application of machine learning algorithms and model-based statistical analysis. The aim is to provide new insights into the performance of individuals and teams.

Gavin Francis studied mathematics at St. John’s College, Cambridge, before pursuing a quantitative finance career in the investment management industry. Having published a paper on the application of neural networks for stock selection in the early 1990s, he has consistently worked on the use of algorithmic approaches to managing risk in the financial markets, particularly in the field of foreign exchange. Gavin has maintained a strong interest in Bayesian techniques, with has practical experience in managing portfolios for sophisticated global investors, using machine learning techniques.

Since 2016, Gavin has specialised in applying his expertise in data science and algorithmic techniques to analysing sports performance, particularly in the fields of cycling and deep learning. He has conducted research with his wife, Dr. Nicky Keay, on the health and performance of cyclists, leading to publications in academic journals. He contributes articles to the cycling press.

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As a keen sportsman, Gavin won the British Masters Cycle Racing road race championships in 2022. He has represented Great Britain at age group level in World and European duathlon championships. He is an accomplished skier and snowboarder, while in the summer, you may find him kitesurfing, windsurfing or pursuing the family tradition of rock climbing.


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